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Наука сна /Science of Sleep, The/.

Жанр: Комедия / Мелодрама

Режиссер: Мишель Гондри (Michel Gondry)

В ролях: Гаэль Гарсиа Берналь (Gael García Bernal), Шарлотта Гинзбур (Charlotte Gainsbourg), Ален Шаба (Alain Chabat), Миу-Миу (Miou-Miou), Пьер Ванек (Pierre Vaneck), Эмма де Коне (Emma de Caunes), Аурелиа Пти (Aurélia Petit), Стефан Мецгер (Stéphane Metzger), Инго Леззи (Inigo Lezzi), Жан-Мишель Бернар (Jean-Michel Bernard) и др.

Студия: Partizan, 2006
Официальный сайт:

Стефан Миро (Берналь) – инфантильный художник с бурным воображением, он придумывает самые бестолковые на свете изобретения, среди которых концептуальный календарь «Катастрология» (каждый месяц в календаре – это или крушение самолета, или еще что похуже) или секундная машина времени. Этот чудаковатый паренек путает сны с реальностью, что является причиной непонимания со стороны окружающих. В своих визионерских снах он видит себя ведущим картонного телешоу “Стефан TV” , где встречаются люди из неожиданно обрушившейся на него новой жизни (переезд из Мексики во Францию), и среди них застенчивая соседка по имени Стефания (Шарлотта Гинзбург), увлеченная декораторством и мелкими поделками. В его полуреальный балаганый мир врывается любовь.

Французский режиссер Мишель Гондри известен гениальнейшими клипами Бьорк, Бека, Massive Attack и Radiohead ( в сотрудничестве со сценаристом Чарли Кауфманом), получил широкое признание после выхода полнометражного фильма «Вечное сияние страсти». Ему удалось покорить своим уникальным визионерским стилем и кинокритиков и завсегдатаев фестивальных показов, и обычных посетителей столичных кинокомплексов и ценителей домашнего видеопросмотра. Его новая кинолента «Наука сна» еще более экспериментальна и сюрреалистична, и благодаря режиссерскому гению вызывает неподдельный восторг. Невероятная лёгкость бытия, феерия чистых чувств, чистого юмора, чистых и ярких персонажей его вымышленных миров обрушиваются на зрителя открыто, весело и волшебно.


A Warner Independent release of a Gaumont/Partizan Films/France 3 Cinema presentation with the participation of Canal Plus and TPS Star. (International sales: Gaumont, Paris.) Produced by Georges Bermann, Michel Gondry, Frederic Junqua. Directed, written by Michel Gondry.
Stephane Miroux - Gael Garcia Bernal
Stephanie - Charlotte Gainsbourg
Guy - Alain Chabat
Christine Miroux - Miou-Miou
Monsieur Pouchet - Pierre Vaneck
Zoe - Emma de Caunes
Martine - Aurelia Petit
Serge - Sacha Bourdo
Sylvain - Stephane Metzger
Gerard - Decourt Moyen

REVIEWS from Film Journal International (

Here are just a few of the fantastical images you'll see during The Science of Sleep: a man with giant hands, a sink that pours streams of cellophane, and a cardboard metropolis where two-dimensional skyscrapers sway dreamily beneath a crayon-colored sky. There's no question about it-the mind of Michel Gondry is a weird, wonderful place. Coming off back-to-back collaborations with screenwriter Charlie Kaufman that yielded one confused flop (Human Nature) and one modern classic (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), the filmmaker/artist/animator decided to fly solo for his third feature (not counting his director-for-hire stint on the recent concert film Dave Chappelle's Block Party), handling the writing chores in addition to all the behind-the-camera stuff. The result is a 106-minute blast of pure, unfiltered Gondry, the man who transformed the White Stripes into Lego and abandoned Björk in the woods with a bunch of forest critters.

Fans of the director's groundbreaking music-videos will nod approvingly as he digs into his back catalog of camera tricks, employing some stop-motion photography here and a dash of puppetry there. One could argue (and some viewers probably will) that The Science of Sleep is a spectacularly self-indulgent film. Gondry brought his peculiar brand of visual pyrotechnics to Human Nature and Eternal Sunshine as well, but there he always had Kaufman's rigorously composed scripts to fall back on. Left to his own devices, he keeps threatening to vanish entirely into his own brain as the audience looks on with a mixture of admiration and vague annoyance.

That The Science of Sleep turns out to be a hilarious and even moving bit of cinematic whimsy is due to Gondry's playful wit, as well as a terrific comic performance by Gael García Bernal. Best known for more dramatic turns in movies like Y Tu Mamá También and The Motorcycle Diaries, the Mexican actor proves a laugh riot as Stéphane, a fumbling artist loosely modeled after Gondry himself. Lured back to his childhood home in Paris by his mother, who has promised him a "creative" position at a small calendar company, Stéphane is horrified to learn that his new job consists entirely of mind-numbing drudge work. Stuck in a dull office with aggravating co-workers, it's no wonder that he allows his imagination to roam free, transporting him to magical forests and his own personal TV studio.

But Stéphane devotes the majority of his fantasy life to Stéphanie (Charlotte Gainsbourg), the mousy girl who lives across the hall. She's an artsy type as well and they bond one evening when Stéphane discovers a model boat she's working on and instantly suggests they team up to build sets and props for a short film. From that moment on, he's convinced that Stéphanie is the girl for him. The only problem is, she doesn't feel the same way...

Since one person's dreamy romantic is another's creepy stalker, expect to hear a lot of differing opinions about Stéphane's behavior. Even Gondry seems to be of two minds; on the one hand, he clearly admires his hero's boundless creativity, but he also recognizes that Stéphane has crossed a line in his relationship with Stéphanie. To his credit, Bernal doesn't shy away from depicting the character's darker side. With his good looks and charismatic presence, it would have been very easy for him to play Stéphane as a well-intentioned hipster who just happens to be a tad strange. But any attractive qualities this guy has vanish when he's caught sneaking into his would-be lover's apartment or turning hostile when he sees her dancing with another man.

Overall, Gondry seems far less cynical about love and relationships than his former collaborator Kaufman. At the same time, though, Eternal Sunshine ends on a hopeful note that's decidedly absent in The Science of Sleep. Joel and Clementine may be completely wrong for each other, but they are willing to give their romance a second (or is that a first?) chance anyway. Stéphane and Stéphanie seem like a perfect fit, and the movie suggests that they might have clicked had he not allowed his imagination to get ahead of him. Until he can learn to live in the here and now, this is a love that can only endure in dreams.

-Ethan Alter
Critic: Ethan Alter

REVIEWS from Rolling Stone:

France's Michel Gondry -- best known for directing music videos for Bjork and Beck, commercials for Smirnoff and the Gap, and movies for audiences willing to take the meandering (Human Nature) along with the mesmerizing (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Dave Chappelle's Block Party) -- doesn't see the world the way the rest of us do. This is all to the good, especially in the wildly inventive Science of Sleep, which takes place mostly among the cascading dreams in Gondry's head. Using the ardent and appealing Mexican actor Gael Garc’a Bernal (Y Tu Mama Tambien, The Motorcycle Diaries) as his stand-in, Gondry visits the real world only as a takeoff point. Bernal plays Stephane, a shy artist who returns to Paris to live with his mother (Miou-Miou) after his father's death. Mom gets him a dull job setting type, which only inspires him to greater flights of romantic fancy, involving a neighbor named Stephanie (Charlotte Gainsbourg) and a series of fantastical visions that jump off the screen as they obliterate all traces of the mundane. Fusing animation and live action with a series of outrageous props, Gondry veers dangerously close to being precious. But make no mistake: Gondry's hallucinatory brilliance holds you in thrall.

PETER TRAVERS(Posted: Sep 7, 2006)


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