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кинозвёзды и кинорежиcсёры на снимках агентства Magnum Photos
bezumnypiero wrote in drugoe_kino

David Seymour ITALY. 1952. Swedish actress Ingrid BERGMAN.

Philippe HalsmanUSA. New York City. 1950. Halsman's studio. American actor Marlon BRANDO.

Eve Arnold G.B. ENGLAND. Marlon Brandon during the filming of A Countess from Hong Kong. 1966.

W. Eugene Smith American actor and director Orson WELLES.

Nicolas Tikhomiroff SPAIN. 1964. Filming of the movie "Chimes at Midnight", directed by Orson WELLES (US).

Philippe HalsmanUSA. 1948. American actress Elizabeth TAYLOR poses for the magazine "Life."

Burt Glinn SPAIN. Sagaro. 1959. Twenty-five-year-old Elizabeth TAYLOR on the set of "Suddenly Last Summer", in which she co-stars with Katharine Hepburn and Montgomery Clift

Bob Henriques USA. American actress Katharine HEPBURN with American film maker Sidney LUMET. 1961.

Dennis Stock USA. 1961. Katherine HEPBURN on the set of "Long Days Journey into Night".

Bob Henriques USA. New York City. 1961. Katherine HEPBURN on the set of "Long Days Journey Into Night", by Sidney LUMET.

Inge Morath © The Inge Morath Foundation MEXICO. Durango. 1959. Audrey HEPBURN during the production of the film "The Unforgiven."

Philippe Halsman 1954. Actress Audrey HEPBURN during the theatre production of "Ondine" by Jean Giraudoux.

Philippe Halsman ITALY. La Vigna. Dutch actress Audrey HEPBURN posing for a LIFE Magazine cover image. 1955.

Dennis Stock USA. New York. Long Island. 1954. Film: "Sabrina", Billy WILDER (USA) director. Audrey HEPBURN during the filming.

Raymond Depardon MEXICO. State of Durango. John WAYNE, US actor, on a Western movie set.

Raymond Depardon USA. California. Los Angeles. Filming of a wester movie. US actor Rod TAYLOR.

Gueorgui Pinkhassov Cannes Film Fest.1994. President of the Jury 94, Clint EASTWOOD.

Dennis Stock USA. 1969. Gregory PECK with director John FRANKENHEIMER on the set of "I Walk the Line."

Inge Morath © The Inge Morath Foundation SWITZERLAND. Lake Geneva. 1959. Movie actor Yul BRYNNER on vacation.

David Seymour FRANCE. 1952. American actor Kirk DOUGLAS during the making of "The Act of Love".

Philippe Halsman USA. 1951. Dean MARTIN and Jerry LEWIS.

Eve Arnold USA. Nevada. Reno. US actress Marilyn MONROE during the filming of "The Misfits" by John HUSTON. 1960.

Cornell Capa USA. Nevada. US actors Clark GABLE and Marilyn MONROE on the set of "The Misfits". 1960.

Eve Arnold USA. Nevada. FILM: The Misfits. Clark Gable during filming of 'The Misfits'. 1960.

Eve Arnold USA. Nevada. US actress Marilyn MONROE and Clark GABLE on the set of 'The Misfits.' 1960.

Inge Morath © The Inge Morath Foundation NEVADA. Reno. 1960. Clark GABLE "The Misfits" movie shoot.

Eve Arnold USA. Nevada. Marilyn Monroe on the set of John Huston's The
Misfits. 1960.

Erich Hartmann USA. Hollywood, California. 1960. Director John HUSTON during the filming of "The Misfits."

Bruce Davidson USA. New York City. 1963. Film director Roman POLANSKI at a pier on the Hudson River.

Philippe Halsman Sharon TATE (USA), actrice.

Dennis Stock USA. 1955. James DEAN rehearses for a television drama.

Dennis Stock USA. New York City. 1955. James DEAN loved to play the bongo drums, and have jam sessions with friends.

Dennis Stock USA. California. Hollywood. 1955. James DEAN's knife fight in "Rebel Without A Cause", directed by Nicholas RAY.

Dennis Stock USA. Indiana. Fairmount. 1955. James DEAN returned to his old hometown Fairmount (Indiana) and visited the cemetery where he found the grave of one of his ancestors that had the same name as him and of that of Cal whose role he played.

Dennis Stock USA. Indiana. Fairmount. 1955. James DEAN on the farm of his uncle Marcus Winslow, where Jimmy spent his youth.

Gueorgui Pinkhassov Paris. Shooting of the film "Pret à porter", by Robert ALTMAN. American director Robert ALTMAN.

Eli Reed USA. Missouri. Kansas City. 1995.Jennifer Jason LEIGH during the filming of "Kansas City"

Ferdinando Scianna USA, New York: Movie "Single White Female" with Bridget FONDA and Jennifer JASON LEIGH

Bruce Davidson USA. New York City. 2001. Kevin BACON relaxing in Central Park.

Eli Reed USA. New Jersey. 2001. Russel CROWE on the set of the film "A Beautiful Mind".

Peter Marlow G.B. England. London. Kevin Spacey. 1999.

Eli Reed USA. NYC. 1994. Spike Lee, actors Harvey Keitel and Mekhi Phifer sitting on a bench on set of "clockers".

Josef KoudelkaBOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA. Mostar. December 1994. Actors Harvey KEITEL and Gian Maria VOLONTE during the shooting of the film 'Ulysse's Gaze', directed by Theo ANGELOPOULOS.

Josef Koudelka FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA. Serbia. Belgrade. 1994. Shooting of the film 'Ulysse's Gaze', directed by Theo ANGELOPOULOS. The American actor Harvey KEITEL and Theo ANGELOPOULOS.

Gueorgui PinkhassovGREECE. Crete island. 1995. Theo ANGELOPOULOS (GRC), film maker. Theo ANGELOPOULOS, Greek film director, with family on holiday at Heraklion, Crete, Greece.

Raghu Rai INDIA. Calcutta. Indian film director Satyajit RAY. 1984.

Gueorgui PinkhassovSOVIET UNION. Russia. Moscow. 1979. Andrei TARKOVSKY, Russian film director.

Lise SarfatiRussian movie director Alexander SOKHUROV. In 1999 he directed "Moloch", a much discussed fiction movie about the intimate moments of HITLER and Eva BRAUN's life. He previously directed "The Second Circle", "Mother and Son".

Marc Riboud CHINA. Chinese actress GONG LI during the filming of "To Live" by ZHANG YIMOU with GE YOU, GONG LI. November 1993.

Ferdinando Scianna ITALY, Sicily: Fashion story with Monica BELLUCCI. ©Ferdinando Scianna/Magnum Photos

Rene BurriParis 20 Jan.94, Hotel Lancaster. meeting between the French actress Isabelle HUPPERT and Spanish producer Pedro ALMODOVAR, to discuss European cinematographic problems in light of the GATT (Gen.Agreement on Trade and Tariffs) related to the cinematographic world. Pedro ALMODOVAR.

Susan MeiselasUSA. Park City, Utah. 1997. Director David LYNCH and actress Patricia ARQUETTE from the film "Lost Highway" at the Sundance Film Festival.

Philippe Halsman USA. The American actress Tippi HEDREN at the time of the filming of "The Birds" by Alfred HITCHCOCK. 1962.

Philippe Halsman USA. Tippi HEDREN, main actress in the movie "The Birds". In the background: British film director Alfred HITCHCOCK. 1962.

Raymond Depardon Catherine DENEUVE.

Philippe Halsman USA. California. French film director François TRUFFAUT (right) and British film director Alfred HITCHCOCK (left). 1962.

Philippe Halsman French film director François TRUFFAUT (right) and British film director Alfred HITCHCOCK (left).

Philippe Halsman The Austrian actor Oskar WERNER at the time of the filming of the movie "Fahrenheit 451", directed by François TRUFFAUT. 1966.

Raymond Depardon François TRUFFAUT et Jean-Pierre LEAUD.

Bruno Barbey The French actor Jean-Pierre LEAUD during the filming of "Made in USA" by Jean-Luc GODARD. 1966.

Raymond Depardon French film director Jean-Luc GODARD and US actress Jean SEBERG. 1960.

Raymond Depardon Jean-Paul BELMONDO.

Ferdinando Scianna American actress, Jean SEBERG.

Raymond Depardon The French actress Brigitte BARDOT & the Italian actor Marcello MASTRIOANNI on the set of the film "Vie privée" directed by Louis MALLE.

Nicolas Tikhomiroff ITALY. Rome. Movie industry. Federico FELLINI, Italian film-maker, shooting "Boccacio 70" (Boccace 70). Cinecitta. 1961.

Jean Gaumy The film's leading actor, Klaus KINSKI, during the shooting of a scene.

Jean Gaumy FRANCE. Paris. Romy SCHNEIDER and Klaus KINSKI during the shooting of "L'important c'est d'aimer" by Andrzej ZULAWSKI. 1974.

Jean Gaumy The film's leading actress, Romy SCHNEIDER (AT, 1938-82). L'actrice principale du film, Romy SCHNEIDER (AT, 1938-82).

Nicolas Tikhomiroff A. DELON et R. SCHNEIDER Le 12 mars 1959.

Raymond Depardon Au centre: Alain DELON. A gauche: Mireille DARC.

George Rodger SPAIN. French actor Alain DELON and Italian actress Claudia CARDINALE during a scene from The Centurions (Lost Command). 1965.

Nicolas Tikhomiroff FRANCE. The singers Serge GAINSBOURG and Jane BIRKIN wearing Cerruti creations, at their apartment on Verneuil Street in Paris. 1969.

Raymond Depardon Jacques BREL.

Gueorgui Pinkhassov British actress Tilda SWINTON.

Eve Arnold GB. ENGLAND. Vanessa Redgrave dressing for the part of Ann Boleyn in the film 'A Man for all Seasons'. 1966.

David Hurn UNITED KINGDOM. England. London. 1962. Swiss actress Ursula Andress.

Raymond Depardon Candice BERGEN et Michael CAINE.

Peter Marlow G.B. ENGLAND. London. Portrait of British actor Ralph FIENNES. 1994.

Nicolas Tikhomiroff Tony Perkins during the filming of "Five Miles to Midnight" by Anatole Litvak.

Ian Berry G.B. ENGLAND. London. Actor David Hemmings. 1968.

Bruce Davidson USA. California. 1968. Michelangelo ANTONIONI making his film "Zabriskie Point."

Bruce DavidsonUSA. New York City. 2002. American actor Al Pacino seated in the drawing room at the National Arts Club.

Guy Le QuerrecFRANCE. Cannes. 33rd International Film Festival. The German director Wim WENDERS. 1980.

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Это феерично. Спасибо

отлично! спасибо большое!)

Спасибо, сохраню.

какая потрясающая подборка! спасибо!

спасибо Вам большое, было интересно посмотреть, потому что понимаю, что уже дело даже не в лицах, а в том, что за ними: время, какие-нибудь страсти и прочая философская подоплёка. И, конечно, такое странное ощущение потери: то есть я что-то пропустил важное, без меня происходило.

оч здорово, спасибо большое)))

спасибо вам!И за фото и за такаю работу по их выкладыванию!

спасибо, очень познавательно!

в чем тут нереальный кайф-словно все снято легко и непринужденно.но за этой легкостью стоят годы работы...

Спасибо, потрясающе

в избранное однозначно

зависла надолго

огромное спасибо! фотки отличные!
получила большое удовольствие :)

отличная подборка

Мне очень понравилось. Искренне спасибо!

отличная подборка, магнум в своем репертуаре. еще бы без их ватермарков было, тогда вообще б шикарно.

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